HSH Online Orientation 3D Game

HSH Online Orientation 3D Game
Client The Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels
Project Online Orientaion 3D Game
Our Role Photo editing, UI design, interaction design, HTML5 game development, 3D modeling, PlayCanvas integration

This online game is aiming to introduce new employee of The Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels to their work environment. As well as acquainting them with both the opportunities and the responsibilities of employment.

The online game involves moving on a pre-marked surface. Player begins the game at the starting point and advancing step by step on the surface until he/she reaches the goal. Player has to finish reading the training information or win the mini quiz in order to move forward. In other words, player has to go through all squares to achieve the goal. If player completes winning the game, he/she will receive a certificate via email.

Company website: www.hshgroup.com